Governor Sanford says state budget a "missed opportunity"

Governor Mark Sanford finds fault with many parts of the state budget, which is now in conference committee. At a Monday morning press conference, he said the state is missing out on a chance to reform government spending, by planning to take federal stimulus money instead.
Sanford highlighted what he says are “wasteful and inefficient proposals,” including travel reimbursements being made at the full level, state-run golf courses, taxpayer-funded game-day traffic control, and three quartes of a million dollars for hydrogen research.
Federal funding for some forms of hydrogen research has shifted, leaving an area recently endorsed by the legislature in question.
The governor also took issue with a plan to move the state Division of Aeronautics to the Budget and Control Board–an agency he called “the least accountable in all of state government.”
Sanford¬†asked South Carolinians to speak out now — while the House and Senate are now conferring on a final version of the budget to send to him.