Food Network star encourages pork for grilling

As the summer approaches and South Carolinians begin to grill out, the National Pork Board wants to remind everyone that there is no correlation between the swine flu and the consumption of pork. Guy Fieri, most famous for his show¬† “Diners’, Drive-Ins and Dives” is leading the charge with grilling tips and barbecue recipes he has made available at this website. Fieri says pork is a versatile meat that gives you many options when grilling.
“I took a pork chop, pounded it out and wrapped it with, believe it or not, strawberries and jalapenos, a little roasted red bell pepper, some artichoke arcs and a little cream cheese,” said Fieri.
“I rolled it up, then wrapped it in bacon and grilled it. It’s just an example of the versatility you can do with pork. So, if you’re thinking about starting to grill, it’s grilling season. I know out there in South Carolina you guys got to be grilling by now. You guys have awesome weather. Pork is your pal. It’s time to do it.”
Fieri has featured ‘The Beacon’ in Spartanburg on his show¬† “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” and says there is nothing quite like it. “The Beacon in Spartanburg…you know…the first special we did for this show to kind of launch the show, we went there and hung out with our buddy, JC, who gives the traditional statement of ‘Call it!’. You walk up and you’ve got to CALL IT. You tell him what you want and he yells it out to the entire cook staff. That’s probably always going to be one of our favorites.”
Fieri is a big fan of barbecue in this region and rates it among the best in the world. “Of all the barbecues, I am a Carolina barbecue fan. That’s probably my favorite. Vinegar-based barbecue sauce, I am starting to drool a little bit, is the way to do it and you guys, honestly, have some of the best in the world.
“That’s another thing. You take this pork butt, rub it, give it a little seasoning, give a lot, brine it, do what ever you choose to do. But you go low and slow on that bad boy and then you shred that and throw it on top of whatever bread you like.”
Guy Fieri has launched four shows on The Food Network. “Guy’s Big Bite”, “Diners’, Drive-Ins and Dives”, “The Ultimate Recipe Showdown”, and “Guy Off-the-Hook” are all his shows. He also owns several restaurants in California and has authored many books.