Community rallies back after local school shooting

A local school in the Lowcountry rallies back after a shooting outside of the school shakes up the community.
“There were some gunshots in front of our school, our school went on a major lockdown. Everyone didn’t know what was going on, everyone was fighting. At that point, there was no peace,” says fifth-grader Nautika Godfrey.
On April 30th, Chicora Elementary in North Charleston was the scene of a tragedy.
“Well, we had a murder basically right outside of the cafeteria, during lunch time, and some of them saw it, it’s terrible and it shook up the school. So, they need to know it’s safe here,” says North Charleston Police Chief John Zumalt.
Zumalt says Joshua Hamilton is now arrested and charged with the fatal shooting of Anthony Gary. Now, it’s all about making the community feel safer. So, Reverend Bill Stanfield of the non-profit organization, Metanoia, organized a “March for Peace” at the school.
“Gonna rally them to say that we can make our neighborhood a place of peace, and to send a message to the family that lost a loved one, to send a message to the school,” says Stanfield.
And that message could go a long way, and it could start with the children-
“To have peace, to keep the neighborhood safe,” says a Chicora Elementary student.
So, as one community marches one step at a time together, they want to send a message to the rest of the world: “I’m gonna do everything I can to make our neighborhood a place of peace,” says the community.
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