USC prepared to place students in Chinese-related business jobs

The University of South Carolina’s Moore School of Business has recently launched an innovative graduate program in international business. This fall the school will begin recruiting students for an education track focused on Chinese business and culture as that country continues to grow as an economic superpower.The graduate program recently earned top rankings in U.S. News and World Report, recognized as the nation’s top-ranked public-university M.B.A. program. The school’s international business program has been ranked in the first or second position for 20 consecutive years.
Moore School Deputy Dean Dr. Scott Koerwer says M.B.A. students will spend two years in the U.S.C classroom and two years at the University of China, HongKong.  “They will take deep cultural immersion and language dives where they will become fluent in Mandarin.  They will take on internships and travel and find themselves in a mix of students, including Chinese cohorts, who will be taking English and business courses.” 
Koerwer says U.S.C. students must study corporate and non-corporate entities, Chinese culture and much more, in order to put themselves and South Carolina in the future world marketplace.   “Our students must be aware how our goods and services are produced, where they’re produced, where they’re produced, for what reasons, competitive advantages of multinational firms in different locations.  And we’re very focused on helping South Carolina, in the context of business and economic development.”