Nelson concerned over military airstrikes

U-S officials are conducting investigations in Afghanistan regarding claims that military airstrike bombings killed dozens of civilians, including a number of women and children. Senator Ben Nelson says this is a great concern.
“It is so regrettable but I think people understand that it is unavoidable in some circumstances but every effort should be made to avoid civilian causalities and civilian targets.”
But, Senator Nelson says our military makes every effort to avoid civilian deaths but occasionally this happens.
“Having said that, it doesn’t help us that every time something like this happens, you have to look at it as a setback. We also have to look at it from 30,000 feet and look at the total picture of what we are trying to do to help the Afghan stabilize itself and the Pakistani government stabilize itself.”
Leaders of Pakistan and Afghanistan are meeting with President Obama. President Karzai wants American officials to reduce the number of civilian deaths during strikes.