Now cleared of murder, White wants record cleared

An Alabama man recently exonerated through DNA evidence in the 1980s murder and rape of Helen Wilson of Beatrice, is seeking to have his criminal record in the case, expunged including information surrounding his arrest.
Joseph Edgar White has filed a petition in Gage County District Court, to expunge the record involving his 1989 arrest, conviction and sentence in Jefferson County District Court for the murder and rape.
The petition, which names Gage County Attorney Randall Ritnour was filed by White?s attorney, Doug Stratton of Norfolk.
White was sentenced to life in prison for first-degree murder, after being convicted in a Jefferson County District Court trial.
Last October it was announced that DNA evidence pointed to Bruce Allen Smith of Oklahoma City as the sole perpetrator in the crime. Smith died of AIDS in 1992, in an Oklahoma City hospital. A new trial was ordered for White, but last November 6th, the Gage County Attorney sought dismissal of the case against White.