Myrtle Beach bike rallies ready to "rev" up, but not in city

The 69th Annual Cruisin’ the Coast Spring Bike Week starts up on Friday and lasts until May 17. This year, bikers are receiving a less welcoming reception from the City of Myrtle Beach. City spokesman Mark Kruea says last year the city passed 15 ordinances that would put limitations on bikers in the city. Because of this, the rallies will be primarily further west, at the Myrtle Beach Speedway off Highway 501.
“The city essentially said, ‘look, these rallies are too big, too loud, too boisterous, and we just don’t want to be the center of the motorcycling universe in May anymore.’ With that decision in mind, the city did look at its ordinances, amended a few and added a couple of new ones,” says Kruea.
For example, Kruea says in the city of Myrtle Beach it is required for bikers to wear a helmet if riding a motorcycle, there are noise ordinances, alcohol restrictions, and more. However, bikers don’t really see a need for these ordinances because on their website bikers claim 90% of bike rally activity has always been away from the city anyway. Kruea says that’s not exactly the case.
“These events were centered in Myrtle Beach. The Harley Davidson event was more scattered up and down the Grand Strand and the Memorial Day event really did occur inside the city limits. There’s always been a piece of it that’s been in the city,” says Kruea.
Kruea says the city notices this year will be a transition year, but they hope to see a change in noise and volume in the city.