Family of domestic violence victim receives scholarship fund

Domestic violence is at the top of the list when it comes to crime in South Carolina. Recently, a Verizon Wireless employee, Katrina Johnson, was killed after a domestic dispute. Monday, local leaders, including State Attorney General Henry McMaster, gathered at the North Charleston Verizon Call Center for a dedication to Johnson’s family. Johnson’s mother was presented with a $10,000 scholarship fund for Johnson’s children. McMaster explains that the problem of domestic violence is no stranger to the state.
“Still our number one crime problem in South Carolina, especially because it’s cyclical, that is children growing up in that kind of place where violence is resulted to like that, and drugs and alcohol and kicking a screaming and cutting are a way of life. They grow up and carry that with them and think that is the way they are supposed to behave themselves,” says McMaster.
McMaster says many times victims will not report the problem, so he encourages anyone who knows of a domestic violence dispute to report it.
“Statewide law enforcement gets about 36,000 domestic violence calls a year and most women won’t call the police for domestic violence until they’ve been beaten about 12 to 15 times,” says McMaster.
Verizon Wireless has a hopeline that allows anyone with a Verizon cell phone to dial # hope to report a domestic violence problem.