Newberry community stressed out

The swine flu, or “H-1-N-1” virus, is taking its toll on more than a just a handful of flu patients in Newberry.
According to D.H.E.C. Epidemiologist Jerry Gibson the entire Newberry Community has been very worried.  “What we’re hearing is they’re not thinking about much else.  This is a very tough time for them.  We’re actually distributing some material on how to deal with stress and we see the possibility that we may see a kind of post-traumatic stress syndrome in some people.” 
The first swine fly cases in South Carolina were associated with a trip that Newberry Academy students took to Mexico.
But Gibson says there’s a silver lining. He says the people who actually had the flu are doing much better.   “They feel lousy for several days and they gradually recover.  But they are no longer infectious, and they are immune, the first people in the U.S. who are for sure protected.  So they’re getting better at this point.”