New tv ad urges Sanford to take stimulus money

Born out of the recent Tax Day Tea Party taxpayer protests, the fledgling South Carolina Taxpayers Alliance is taking to the airwaves to present a counter television ad to Governor Sanford’s ad sponsored by Carolinians for Reform in which Sanford explains his reasoning for turning down $700 million in stimulus dollars. Alliance chairman Adam Fogle says the Alliance’s ad simply asks the Sanford to reconsider his position.The ad includes comments from citizens including one woman who says “if the Governor turns down the money, then our share is going to go to New Jersey or some other state.” That comment is followed by a gentleman who says “and the people of South Carolina will still have to pay it back.” The ad ends with a woman announcer. “That makes no sense at all. Call Mark Sanford. Tell him this is about our children, it’s about our future. Ask hims to change his mind.”
Fogle says his alliance is a bi-partisan group of about two dozen individuals that basically agree with Sanford’s conservative economic ideals as it pertains to the taxpayer and his position on the stimulus bill, however since the bill is now federal law, Sanford needs to take the next logical step for the good of the people of the state.
“We can either sit around and cry about it or we can do something, and what we need to do is the right thing and that is to take this money. I hope that is what the advertisement says. It says to the Governor and his supporters that we are with you, it was a bad piece of legislation (the stimulus bill) but we cannot afford to turn down this money because we’re paying for it anyway. It just doesn’t make any sense to turn it down.”
Fogle says members of his two week old organization literally “passed the hat” to pay for the ad. Fogle says the ad began running on cable outlets and tv stations last Wednesday along the coast and is now moving into the Columbia and Greenville markets.