Johanns supports H1 N1 spending

Nebraska U-S Senator Mike Johanns supports the $1.5 billion dollars in supplemental dollars going to the swine flu outbreak. “You have to provide the money that is necessary. There isn’t any question about it. I can’t imagine I would not be supportive of that.”
Senator Johanns says this money needs to get to the people who can help deal with a potential pandemic.
“When you have established the money has been wisely allocated, I believe strongly that you support the request and get the money in the right hands to deal with the flu, what is likely to be a very difficult situation for the world.”
Senator Johanns isn’t forgetting his former roots as Secretary of Agriculture and he is very worried about pork producers and how calling this outbreak the swine flu is having an impact on the markets.
“I have watched with dismay as prices have gone down for pork and I know there are people that are being hit hard by that. Pork is safe to eat. I can’t emphasize that enough. Somehow, someway this got dubbed swine flu and that is enormously unfair. Even the World Heath Organization is backing off on that. The administration is backing off on that. Unfortunately it never should have started that way.”
Senator Johanns says he is watching this situation and is ready to do anything he can to correct it. The WHO is no longer using the term “swine flu” in hopes of avoiding confusion that could lead up to the needless killing of hogs.