SC company that left for Mexico back in Palmetto State

A South Carolina company that once left theĀ for Mexico has made it’s way back to the upstate bringing with it nearly 150 jobs. Carrier Commercial Refrigeration was purchased by Universal Nolin Company who invested $10 million dollars in the business binging the operation back state side. Company President Libby Fulmer said, in the end, the move to Mexico was unnecessary.
“The benefit to coming back to South Carolina was distribution for this product was already being done in South Carolina,” said Fulmer. “This is not a labor intensive product. Therefore, there was not a benefit for us to have the production in Mexico and we wanted to bring it back to where it began. We wanted to build it back up to what it used to be.”
Currently, Nolin employs around 130 people in Spartanburg. Fulmer says more jobs are expected in the future. “The good news is we brought this production back and right now we’re running two shifts, six days a week, and as we are able to secure our supply chain that can keep up with us, we’ll increase that.”
Fulmer says she is thrilled to have the company return to South Carolina.
“It’s exciting for us,” she said. “I used to work for Beverage Air, worked for Carrier, for a long time. I was part of moving it down there. I was happy to move it back.”
The company has been operating in Spartanburg since February.