Paulus to visit Lincoln today

Former Duke point guard Greg Paulus is expected to arrive in Lincoln today to talk more about the NU football program with head coach Bo Pelini.
The four year basketball player under Mike Krzyzewski wants to look at his options for playing quarterback for one season. Earlier this week, he visited with Syracuse.
He was a former national player of the year in high school while playing quarterback and would like to have one year playing football.
I think its great for Paulus. I applaud him for rising up to the challenge, but I question Nebraska’s motivation? I understand why they would want to look at an athlete like Paulus. After Zac Lee, they have freshmen Cody Green and LaTravis Washington who moved from linebacker to QB this spring, so there is not a lot of depth behind Lee.
What does this visit do for the confidence of Lee. Does it send a message from Pelini to the rest of the team, that there is some uncertainty at that position. What would it say if I guy who played basketball for four years, could come in and win the starting QB job in a matter of four shorts months?
Or does it drive Lee even more. Does the presence of Paulus bring out more from Lee who knew coming into this season ever since Patrick Witt left in February that he would be the guy?