Panhandle horse ranch faces new legal wrangling

There’s more legal trouble for the owners of an embattled ranch in the Nebraska Panhandle. Anissa Meduna, co-owner of the Three Strikes Ranch in Morrill County, has been fined $300 by the Bureau of Land Management for treating a wild horse or burro inhumanely.

According to BLM Public Affairs Expert Cindy Wertz, because Anissa Meduna violated an agreement with the BLM to treat the horse well, provide a good facility for them and veterinary care she could be automatically cited and fined. The charge does not have to go through the court system. Wertz said that BLM records show that Anissa Meduna had three BLM animals in her name. One is dead, another cannot be located and the third was taken back by the BLM.

Wertz said that the BLM is working with the U.S. Attorney Office to see if other charges are warranted. Anissa Meduna’s husband, Jason, was arrested by the Morrill County Sheriff’s Office earlier this month on one count of felony animal cruelty. Sheriff John Edens said the investigation into the Meduna’s is on-going.

Two-hundred-and-eleven starving animal were removed from the ranch to be cared for at the Morrill County Fairgrounds in Bridgeport. A total of 74 dead horses and burros have been documented.

Thanks to Genell Rothleutner, KCSR, Chadron