Mexican restaurant says food, business are safe

Nearly 35,000 restaurants in Mexico City have closed their doors due to the recent swine flu outbreak, leaving Americans wondering if they should be worried about mexican restaurants in the United States. Franco Belmares works at Senor Tequila in Charleston and he says no one should be worried about the swine flu affecting their food.
“I wish they would know that everthing that we cook here is, all the products is from United States, nothing is from Mexico like meats, like nothing, everything is from here,” says Belmares.
Belmares is from Monterrey, Mexico and has friends left there.
“They said that, that, that they have to close the schools, and a lot of places, a lot of restaurants close down there, I just talked to them a few minutes ago, they said that it’s bad,” says Belmares.
And back here in South Carolina, Belmares says he hasn’t seen a difference.
“Business has been fine, I hope it stays like that,” says Belmares.
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