Swine flu affects travel

The swine flu is not just affecting people and animals- now it’s affecting tourism and travel. South Carolina Parks, Recreation and Tourism Communications Director Marion Edmonds reminds us that the Center for Disease Control is recommending U.S. travelers hold off on non-essential travel to Mexico.
“They’re not recommending a ban on travel into Mexico, but at this time they are saying that folks who were planning to go, if it were non-essential, that they postpone those trips,” says Edmonds.
Edmonds is reassured by the efforts of Homeland Security to help fight this outbreak.
“The folks with Homeland Security have sent out information to assure the public that they are in their efforts to monitor the borders through customs and through immigration. They are carefully looking at passengers and travelers entering the United States with a renewed focus on whether those travelers give any indications of being ill,” says Edmonds.
Edmonds says the airline and hotel industries are allowing people to postpone their vacations, but it is his understanding that cruises may be harder. While Charleston has a cruise terminal at its port where ships leave for Mexico, for now business is as usual.