Faculty, staff at failing school must reapply to keep jobs

North Charleston High School has one of the lowest performance rates in the Charleston County School District and the state.¬† That’s why the district school¬†board wants to try a new approach …starting over.
Dr. Fred Moore is the school’s principal. He says, “North Charleston experienced low performing, from the data, as far as being unsatisfactory in report cards for the last five years, unsatisfactory in the improvement rating, which is now the growth rating, and the school is not making adequate yearly progress, AYP.”
Because of this, the Charleston County School Board held a meeting Monday night and decided to reconstitute the school, giving opportunities for the school to re-purpose itself. The school board notified Dr. Moore to announce this decision to his faculty and staff members, that each of them, including himself, will have to reapply for their job. Dr. Moore says the decision has potential to increase the school’s standards and when looking at the alarming statistics, he thinks it’s a win-win for the faculty, staff, and students.
“In 2007, the first time passing rate for HSAP (High School Assessment Program) was 56%, and the graduation rate was 34%, so you can see with those types of numbers, something needs to be done. Do I agree with my board of trustees and superintendent? Yes I do, um, because they are the ones ultimately, ultimately responsible for student achievement,” says Moore.
And their decision has given Moore reason to look ahead with hope.
“You can see that the school has not been performing at the level that it is capable, I have very, very bright students here at North Charleston High School and I think this will provide an opportunity for them to be exposed to more dynamic teachers as well as improve the teachers here as well, the one’s that will remain,” says Moore.
North Charleston High School has approximately 115 employees. The reconstitution process of the school is underway.