USC poet to be inducted into SC Literary Hall of Fame

Born in Ghana, raised in Jamaica, and educated in Canada, Distinguished Poet and Residence of the University of South Carolina, Kwame Dawes, has been recently recognized for his works as a poet and will be inducted into the South Carolina Academy of Authors this Saturday.
Dawes explains why this is so rewarding for him saying, “I am now a U.S. citizen but I always felt like a South Carolinian long before I felt like an American.
“So it is gratifying to be inducted in the South Carolina Academy of Authors it expressed, at least, that I am recognized as a South Carolinian. That means a lot to me.”
Other authors of note in the Academy are James Dickey, Pat Conroy, and John Jakes.
Dawes is honored to be inducted along side his co-honorees. “The people who are bring inducted with me,” said Dawes, “Susan Ludvigson, who is a good friend and a poet that I admire greatly…I think she is an amazing poet. And Carrie McCray who was a fantastic human being, great writer, and just a wonderful artist. She was also a dear friend so it is good company to be inducted with.”
The ceremony takes place tomorrow night a 7:00 p.m. and will be held at the Capstone House at USC. Reservations are required for this event.
Listen to Dawes recite a line from “Memory”