Santee-Cooper board votes to consider rate increases

The Santee-Cooper Board of Directors voted today to consider a rate increase. Spokesperson, Mollie Gore, says the company has not increased its rates since 1996 and that this decision was based on the cost of doing business.
“What we have done is requested that our Board of Directors consider a rate increase and rate structure adjustment,” according to Gore. “The Board voted today to advance that request out for a public comment period.”
Gore says that the public will have an opportunity to have their voices heard. “This public comment period begins today and we do have a series of public meetings that we will be holding in our direct served territories which are the counties of Berkley, Horry, and Georgetown.
“Everything is available on our website which is and we have the schedule of public meetings, the proposal itself, and a study that backs it up.”
There is also energy saving tips on the website to help consumers save money on their energy bill.
If approved, the rates increase will begin November and will increase over a two year period in stages. “The proposed new rates, if they are approved will take effect November 1,” she said.
“Having said all that, what we are talking about is an overall increase across all customer classes. It’s a two-year staged increase. The first year would be a 4.4 percent overall increase, and the second year which would begin November 10, would 5.5 percent across all classes.”