Horry County motorists should travel with care

As the fires still burn through Horry County, motorists traveling in and out of the area should take precaution. Derrec Becker with the South Carolina Emergency Management Division says there are some road closures in the area.
“Well, right now Highway 31, Highway 22, and Highway 90 remain closed. Obviously, if people are traveling in the Myrtle Beach area, visibility is going to be an issue. Also, breathing problems in relation to the smoke¬†(is another issue).¬† We’re going to have smoke for quite some time as a result of this massive wildfire. Even if we don’t have a flame, we’ll still have smoke, so we are asking people just to be safe. If you’re traveling to Myrtle Beach, take the extra precaution. Understand that there is an emergency situation going on in Horry County,” says Becker.
And for those vacationers-
“Tourists coming in to town just be aware that the situation is going on, and some roads are closed. If you see smoke in the area (or) if you have breathing problems, take those proper precautions to either leave the area or seek shelter somewhere,” says Becker.
Although tourists driving into the city may experience some delays, it is not delaying the amount of business for the area’s attractions and hotels. The City of Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce says business is as usual because the fires are more on the western side of the intercoastal waterway, which doesn’t affect them as much.