State Supreme Court says lawsuit premature

The South Carolina Supreme Court will not hear the lawsuit brought by Chapin High School senior Casey Edwards involving the tug of war between Governor Mark Sanford and the General Assembly over stimulus money that would be used for public education.
Edwards sought a ruling on the question that the General Assembly has the legal right to appropriate $700 million in stimulus funds over the objection of the Governor. Sanford has declined to take the stimulus money unless he can use it to pay down state debt or get a compromise from the General Assembly in the State Budget to pay down a significant amount of state debt.
The State Supreme Court issued an order Wednesday saying the Chapin High School student’s lawsuit is premature, thus agreeing with of South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster.
McMaster says “Because the legislature has not appropriated anything yet that is one reason that we say that the case is premature, that it has a number of weeks in which to appropriate it (stimulus funds) if it wanted to. That is why we are saying that it is premature.”
In its order the court said lawmakers have not done all they can to force the Governor’s hand. The court said until then, there is not a controversy on which it can make a decision.