Office On Aging offers direction for those suffering with Parkinson's

The Lt. Governor’s Office On Aging is making itself available as a source of information about services available connected with Parkinson’s Disease. Parkinson’s affects the central nervous system by impairing motor skills, speech and other functions. 
Lt. Governor Andre Bauer says his office can offer some direction.  “The Lt. Governor’s Office will direct them, depending on the problem, whether it’s a transportation problem, a daycare facility they needed help with, a medical facility, or whether there are government agencies that can help them with the problem .”
Parkinson’s affects an estimated 1.5 million Americans, approximately 60,000 new patients each year. There were nearly 18,000 Parkinson’s disease-related deaths in the U-S in 2003. April is Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month.
Bauer says, alarmingly, Parkinson’s is now affecting younger adults and is not just the “grandfather’s disease” anymore.  “Young people are experiencing this as well.  And we still don’t have a cure for it.  Every day we’re pushing hard.  But we want people to know that if they should have a problem, there’s somewhere they can turn.” 
For information on Parkinson’s services in your area, call 1-800-868-9095.