Cockfighting ring discovered in Hampton County

37 people were arrested this past Saturday in Hampton County in connection with a cockfighting ring. The individuals were from three states, South Carolina, North Carolina and Texas as well as Mexico. They were all released after paying a $500 bond. Over $18,000 dollars was confiscated from the operation. 13 vehicles were also seized and later returned to the owners. 53 roosters were involved in the ring and were seized. They were eventually given to individuals within the community.
Public Information Director for the Hampton County Sheriff’s Department, Shellie Murdaugh, says this is the first known cockfighting to occur in their county. “As far as we know, the 37 people that were arrested–this was something that was brand new to Hampton County–this was the first time according to those who were arrested that they ever tried to have a cockfight here in the county,” said Murdaugh.
Murdaugh says the arrests were a part of an on-going investigation and the 37 individuals arrested made up the entire ring. She explains what happened Saturday morning.   According to her, “on Saturday, April 18 around 9:00 a.m. in Hampton County, in an area known as Early Branch, officers discovered a cockfighting ring, there were 37 people arrested from three states and Mexico included.”
The 37 individuals arrested were all male and ranged in ages from 17 to 47.