Bosch announces more layoffs at North Charleston plant

The world’s largest auto parts maker is having more layoffs at its  North Charleston plant. The Robert Bosch Corporation, a German auto part manufacturer, has announced it is reducing its labor force by 225 employees at the North Charleston plant. Bosch spokesperson Becky McDonald explains, “We are still seeing decreased demand for our products based on the demand in the automotive industry.”
McDonald says the cuts are being made across the facility.
“It is specifically in our production area, but it is in different departments within the production organization,” says McDonald.
The other Bosch plant in South Carolina, located in Anderson, will not be effected by these layoffs.
“Well, in this particular case there are different products that are manufactured in North Charleston versus the products that are manufactured in Anderson, so for this particular situation these products have to do with what we manufacture in North Charleston,” says McDonald.
Employees are being advised this week if they will be laid off or not, but if so, their last day will be Friday. No future layoffs are predicted yet.