Lincoln native Gordon to have hip surgery

Alex GordonRoyals’ third basemen Alex Gordon is headed to the DL. He’s having hip surgery today to repair torn cartilage. From what I’ve read, the operation and injury is very similar to what A-Rod had in spring training and he was set up on a nine week rehab program.
I’m not sure how long Gordon will miss, but best bet is it will be around that same time frame. Middle of June hopefully. Perhaps in time for when the Royals host the Cardinals in the I-70 Series.
The Royals have had their share of hip injuries. Jose Guillen is recovering from a hip injury and will be back in just about a week. Manager Trey Hillman will have Mark Teahen play third base in Gordon’s absence.
Ironic that Teahen was trying to find a spot at second base, now goes back to where he originally started with the Royals. Outfielder Mitch Maier was recalled from Omaha to take Gordon’s spot. I thought Maier had a great chance to stick with the major league club after spring training. He was hitting .370 in six games at AAA Omaha.