Columbia summit will draw together local leaders to learn about access to stimulus money

State and local officials from all over South Carolina will converge in Columbia Friday for a summit concerning stimulus funds. It’s not a political rally connected to Governor Mark Sanford’s attempts to divert $700 million in federal stimulus funds, but is focused on other stimulus money which the state will receive automatically. Reba Campbell is helping to organize the event.  “The funding that’s causing a controversy at the Statehouse rigt now is a very small part of what’s coming to South Carolina.   The summit presentations will be from agencies such as Labor, Commerce, Energy…”Friday’s meeting takes place at Columbia’s Metropolitan Convention Center, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Campbell says Columbia Mayor Bob Coble and Charleston Mayor Joe Riley will be there.   “This all came together as sort of the brainchild of Mayor Coble and Mayor Riley, knowing that smaller local governments may not have the resources or the staff to do a lot of the reaserch themselves.”
Campbell says anyone is welcome to attend the summit.  “We targeted it toward local governments, but probably 40 percent of the people who have signed up so far are with non-profit organizations, small businesses, different types of organizations.”  
Contact Mayor Coble’s office in Columba for more informtion.