Auditor has concerns over Kearney ranch

A contractor that cares for very troubled young children for Nebraska Health and Human Services is the latest to come under the auditor’s microscope. Auditor Mike Foley tells us that their audit shows the owners of the “I Believe in Me” Ranch in Kearney are paying themselves $15,000 a month in rental income.
“We think those properties on a good day me be worth maybe $3 or $4,000 in monthly rent, as I said the woners are paying themselves $15,000 per month in rent and that’s on top of a $90,000 sallary that one of the owners is earning through this program, so we think this is grossly excessive.”
Auditor Foley says that they think this rent is grossly excessive and that it is diminishing the value of this program and is taking services away from needy children. Foley says that they are looking for the Nebraska Health and Human Services Department to clean up this problem and get it stopped.