SCDE asks for donations towards financial literacy program

It’s tax time again and the South Carolina Department of Education and the Financial Literacy Board of Trustees want to remind you that it’s a good time to donate to the financial literacy campaign started in 2005.  The plan is to educate children, K through 12, about financial responsibilities such as how to balance a checkbook, what a home mortgage is, and how to plan for retirement. The program is funded completely by donations and the South Carolina Internal Revenue Service makes it easier to contribute. look for line 28 on your 1040 or you can use Form I-330 to submit. BJ Linnenbrink of the Department of Education says your donations can help start programs within South Carolina schools. “Ideally, as we get more and more money built up, we will start a grant program to grant money out to school districts to help them implement a financial literacy program in their schools,” said Linnenbrink.
Linnenbrink says the financial literacy will be adapted to fit in to the core curriculum. BJ Linnenbrink says that though the program is not in dire need of funds, it is completely reliant on donations. “It’s not a problem,” he said.
“It’s just, you know, the only money we bring in is through donations. So, any money we can get that way is beneficial to help us try and move this program forward.”