Rich could pay for poor drunk drivers

Rich drunk drivers could be paying for poor drunk drivers to have ignition interlock devices in their cars under a bill receiving first round approval in the legislature. Senator Tom White of Omaha says It’s not fair for poor people not to make it to work because they can’t afford the device.
“If I violate the law no matter how wealthy or well connected, I should stand on absolutely the same ground as teh poorest citizen, niether better nor worse.”
Senator Galen Hadley of Kearney says if you can afford the booze, you should be able to afford the device.
“In order to get caught driving D-U-I you’ve had to purchase alcohol or somebody’s giving you alcohol and the sense is you’ve broken the law,  you have the money to do that, you have the money to have a car.”
The bill still faces two more rounds of debate.