Spoleto USA offering deals to help keep up with hard times

As Spoleto USA gears up for another year of art, culture and entertainment, the famous festival is trying to keep up with tough economic times. This year, Spoleto is offering deals and discounts that will possibly attract more locals and internationals.

In the midst of historic theaters and church buildings, the city of Charleston is the center of culture not only for South Carolina, but in part, for the United States. As the world-known Italian Spoleto Festival, that began in 1977 in Italy, prepares for another year of art and entertainment, its American home, Charleston, prepares to escape the hard economic times.
“We are hoping that, you know, we will appeal to a local audience. Spoleto can fit, you know, any budget. There are price points that are already in place and have been in place for a number of years that allow for someone to actually get value for their performance, as many performances start at $10 and $15,” says Paula Edwards, Spoleto Marketing Director.
Edwards says as they face another tough year, they are offering deals to attract more locals, and an international audience.
“We have partnered with a number of different hotels in the area on what we’re calling a Spoleto spree package, and this package includes a discounted rate savings opportunity on a hotel room and then we have a 15% discount on select Spoleto performances,” says Edwards.
Despite these discounts, Edwards says they are not reducing the quality of any performance.
“The quality, obviously, is still high with what we do. We have a full, robust schedule, 126 performances in 17 days,” says Edwards.
And with this robust schedule, Edwards encourages all to come.
“We want to make sure those people who are thinking, you know, about staying close this summer, instead of taking a big vacation, they think about international experience here in Charleston with Spoleto. It’s an international trip without a passport to some extent,” says Edwards.
The only paid-performer reductions they have had this year is in the orchestra, which has 25 members less this year than last. The festival runs from May 22 to June 7.