Senator Sheheen says state lawmakers can take control of the stimulus fight

A gubernatorial candidate says he has the answer that a lot of Democrats and Republicans have been looking for. Democrat Vincent Sheheen, a state senator from Camden, says that he is creating a proposal that will force Governor Mark Sanford’s hand, to apply for $350 million in federal stimulus funds.  Sheheen made the announcement at the statehouse, surrounded by public school teachers.  He says an addition planned for the state budget would work toward the same end, but he says his proposal would accomplish the goal sooner. And Sheheen says while there is a constitutional question with a provision added to the federal stimulus act, to allow state lawmakers to override governors on the issue, a state law would be different.
“The issue that arose before was whether we could use the federal bypass, glued to the federal legislation, and there was a constitutional question about that.   This is a different approach.   This approach says we ought to pass a state law, not rely on the federal government to pass a law.  We’ll just pass a state law, which we can do.”
Governor Mark Sanford’s spokesman says lawmakers should try to work with the governor.
Sheheen will introduce the legislation next week. The Senate and House have this week off due to a furlough.
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