SCSPA has a new position

The South Carolina State Ports Authority has created a new position. Paul McClintock will serve as senior vice president and chief commercial officer for the ports in Charleston and Georgetown. Public Relations Director Byron Miller explains the position.
“Paul will be responsible to everything related to business development, all of our sales efforts, trying to bring new cargo into the port, and keep our existing customers here. All of our real estate and cruise functions, anything that has to do with business development he will be overseeing,” says Miller.
McClintock has 26 years of maritime, logistics, sales and operations management experience. Miller says with this experience, McClintock will bring more business to the state’s ports.
“Well, we’re looking to bring an increased focus, sharpen the knife and make sure that we have all the resources that we need to make sure we keep Charleston and Georgetown growing ports and successful ports,” says Miller.
And although the Ports Authority has recently lost some business, Miller says they still are in good standing.
“Port’s Authority continues to have a very strong bottom line, although business is down we continue to operate independent of the state and we have a good financial position,” says Miller.
McClintock will start on May 4.