SLED Director Lloyd concerned about public safety

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division Director Reggie Lloyd is concerned about the impact the refusal of the stimulus funds will have on public safety in the state. Governor Mark Sanford still has not excepted the proposed $700 million that would have a direct effect on law enforcement in South Carolina. Lloyd says he was informed today that it could cost law enforcement agencies across the state up to $40 million which would cause lay offs of public safety officials as well as the likelihood that current inmates could receive early release from incarceration. Lloyd says the agencies most affected by the budget are the agencies that most impact the safety of the public. “If something isn’t worked out, the kind of cuts the budget is going to take in this state will, I think, drastically and in a dire manner affect public safety,” said Lloyd.
“The agencies that are going to be among the ones to take huge hits again are going to be those agencies that directly impact the safety of our citizens.”
Lloyd says if Sanford does except the money, SLED and other law enforcement agencies will be able to maintain their current status quo. He also says it is important that the public understands the serious impact the budget cuts would have on public safety. According to Lloyd, “we’re talking about, not just SLED, we’re talking about probation parole. We’re talking about corrections, We’re talking about juvenile justice.
“It’s across the board. given that situation, I just think that it’s important that citizens the full ramifications of what could possibly happen.”
Lloyd says that he did not want to speak for anyone and their political views but wanted people to understand the serious impact refusing the stimulus funds will have on law enforcement in South Carolina. “I do think that, without those funds in the budget, the impact across the board for state public safety agencies is going to be really bad.
“The impact on us means an impact on local government and local law enforcement in a detrimental fashion.”