Fowler running for re-election as Democratic Chair

Democratic Chair Carol Fowler has announced her intentions of running for a second term. Fowler has been the leader of the party in South Carolina since 2008 and plans on running again in 2010. Fowler says she is proud of whether party accomplished in the last elections saying that in each county, the democrats made strides. “The most important thing is that we’ve picked up seats from the Republicans in the South Carolina House and on county councils around the state and other local offices,” said Fowler.
“I see that as something to build on going into the 2010 elections using the work we’ve already done to help win statewide races.”
She said the party also broke records in fundraising and has updated its technology. Fowler says that her party has made great strides but there is always room for improvement. “We can always do better. I think we’ve done some good work but I think there are organizational things that are incomplete,” she said.
“We still have some county parties that are still not as strong as they should be in terms of helping their candidates get elected. So, we need to work with them and strengthen democrats at the local level.”
She said in each county, the democratic candidates received more votes in 2008 than they during the previous election.