Cub scout mom accused of stealing from pack

A group of cub scouts is without thousands of dollars they saved up from fundraisers, and one of scouts’ mothers is accused of taking it.
The boys of Cub Scout Pack 759 are without more than $14,000, the amount they raised last year from selling popcorn. Wendy Thornbury is the mother of one of the boys in the pack, and she is now accused of taking the money. An attorney for the Summerville woman says she is working on repaying the stolen funds. Legare Clement of The Coastal Carolina Boy Scouts of America.
“The sad thing is that the pack is without this money and the boys are without the money. They worked hard back in September and October selling the popcorn and were promised certain things throughout the year that if they worked hard they would be earning their own way, which is one of the values scouting teaches,” says Clement.
Thornbury is charged with breach of trust for allegedly draining the money from an account at Carolina First Bank, where she was branch manager, but she is no longer an employee.