Rally set for today at the State House

The South Carolina Progressive Network has scheduled a rally on the State House grounds for this evening with a message intended for Mark Sanford. “Governor, it’s OUR money!” According to Brett Bursey of the Progressive Network, the People’s Stimulus Rally will be made up mostly of teachers and public safety officials as well as college students because they are likely the ones that will be affected the most should the governor not except the stimulus money.
The Progressive Network is concerned that if the governor refuses the money, schools will face more cut backs and prisons will be closed causing thousands of teachers and public safety officials to be laid off and tuition costs to rise once again. Bursey says the state of South Carolina will be forced to pay back the $700 million regardless of whether Sanford excepts the money leaving the governor little choice. “The people who will participate in this include school teachers and correctional officers and firemen and students,” he said. “People who will feel the pain of the $700 million that Governor Sanford is threatening to give back to the federal government, or not except it. The taxpayers of South Carolina will have to pay for the bill anyway. So, if we’re going to pay for it, we might as well use it.”
The rally is from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. this evening at the State House. Bursey says that anyone who would like to participate in the rally is invited to join. “We’re inviting the general public to come show support for the other part of the general public that is coming, ” said Bursey.
“Those are the people that will actually be impacted by these cuts. This would be the 625,000 school children in South Carolina that are already in overcrowded conditions. The teachers in South Carolina that are facing lay offs. The correctional officers and the fire departments that are looking at cutbacks. So, if you have any interests in education or public safety, this rally concerns you.”