Gage County 1st in state to put sex offenders online

Gage County residents can now go online to find out where the most dangerous sex offenders live in their county. Sheriff Millard Gustafson says his department is starting a new program on its website called Offender Watch, tracking where the highest-risk sex offenders live.

The website will enable citizens to search for sex offenders who may be living near their homes, work, school or day care center. Sheriff Gustafson says the site will include other helpful information, like safety tips and community awareness advice and more.

Gustafson says the county has 44 residents who have been convicted of sexual crimes. Of those, nine are classified at the lowest level of risk, 17 are level-two offenders, while 18 are classified as level-three, the most likely to re-offend. Those 18 are listed on the website.

The sheriff reminds people that it is illegal to harass those who are classified as sex offenders. The sheriff says starting the program required some reduction in other areas of his office budget, but he hopes the public will respond favorably to the information. The website is:

Thanks to Doug Kennedy, KWBE, Beatrice