Developmentally disabled get new homes

A private non-profit Nebraska-based service provider will be creating residential services for an additional 66 people with developmental disabilities. Mosaic, which has programs in fourteen states, will be contracting with the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.

Mosaic President and Chief Executive Officer Linda Timmons says it will take some time to finish plans for the 11 homes, and secure locations. Mosaic is planning to open a six intermediate care facilities for the mentally retarded, which will each have six beds. The homes will be located in Omaha, Grand Island, Norfolk, York and Columbus.

Timmons says Mosaic’s proposal was prompted by public requests for more service options. The state of Nebraska continues to have a considerable waiting list for services to developmentally disabled Nebraskans.

She says the intention behind the construction of the new homes will be to provide services to those with more significant developmental and medical needs. Each home will provide a minimum of eight hours of medical support services per day, with some having 24-hour nursing staff.

Thanks to Doug Kennedy, KWBE, Beatrice