Myrtle Beach residents file suit over water contamination

Some Myrtle Beach residents have filed suit against an electronic manufacturer for a groundwater contamination, but The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control is holding a series of public meetings to ease those residents’ concerns.
Deep down in the soil of Myrtle Beach along 17th Avenue South there’s a narrow path of groundwater contamination stretching out about a half mile radius from electronics manufacturer, AVX Corporation’s site. DHEC spokesman, Thom Berry says it’s normal for residents and tourists in the area to panic, but there’s no major need to.
“Everyone in the area is on public water, so it’s not a concern of ours about the potential for the people to come in contact with the contamination,” says Berry.
Wednesday, some residents filed a class-action lawsuit against AVX saying this toxic chemical contamination brings down their homes’ property value. Berry says this has been a long standing investigation.
“We issued a warning against the company back in 1997 requiring them to begin the clean up process. This happened after years of problems at the facility which they never reported to anyone so they attempted to do a clean up on their own without notifying any of the authorities, and they weren’t successful,” says Berry.
 Now, AVX has a consultant and contractor that is currently doing work to determine the clean up process after years of soaking into the soil. DHEC’s role is to supervise that process and make sure it’s conducted properly.
AVX has not responded to the suit and no court date has been set. ¼/p>