Gun shops running out of ammo as demand rises

Gun Shop owners across the nation may be dodging the bullet on gun law changes- for now, but they are experiencing a bitter-sweet boom in business due to the rise in demand.
To what seems faster than a speeding bullet, Arlyn Pendergast says the ammo at his ATP Gun Shop in Summerville is flying off the shelves.
“There’s been a mark improvement in sales, some are buying just in case, some are buying just a little bit on the panic because they’re afraid of the government passing new laws and regulations or taxes that’s gonna make it virtually impossible for them to own it in the future,” says Pendergast.
President Obama pledged to tighten gun control laws later this year, since then firearm sales have risen. Gun store owners, like Pendergast are struggling to keep up with demand. The ATP Gun Shop has experienced sale increases of more than 30 percent since last year.