Business is booming for gun shops in SC

Since last year’s presidential election raised discussions about changes to federal gun laws, enough to prompt an increase in gun and ammunition purchases. At the same time, gun shop owners struggle with keeping the guns and bullets on their shelves.

Ex-marine and Summerville native Ray Brown made a stop into the ATP Gun Shop in Summerville this week to buy a new handgun.

The reason, he says, “If you come in here on a daily basis and you see the number of people in here and you see some of ‘em and you wonder ‘if that guy’s got a gun and I don’t have one,’ brings some questions to mind,” says Brown. 

ATP Store owner Arlyn Pendergast says it’s customers like Brown that have caused his business to boom since the November 4th election. 

 “There’s been a marked improvement in sales, some are buying just in case, some are buying just a little bit on the panic because they’re afraid of the government passing new laws and regulations or taxes,” says Pendergast.

Pendergast says his sales are up 30 percent more this year than last, but problem is–due to the possibility of gun law changes–sometimes finding a specific gun or ammo is just a shot in the dark.

“My shelves have never had so little ammo on them,” says Pendergast.  

Brown says the real reason he thinks the ammo is flying off the shelves.

“It’s fear, it’s all fear based,” says Brown.

Fear that the law could change and the average person would not be able to afford a gun. So far the Obama Administration has only pledged to tighten gun laws in the nation.