Yes, the pollen is particularly bad

Chief Meteorologist Bill Walsh explains the severity of pollen in South Carolina this year.
“Your car is covered. Your kids are sneezing. Your pet is itching and you’re wondering where does all this green stuff come from anyway?
“Pollen. A fact of life living here in the south and this year is a doozy. In fact, the Allergic Disease and Asthma Center here in South Carolina was reporting 4,862 particles per cubic meter, even more in Central Georgia. What does that really mean? Well, a reading of 100 to 120 is considered extremely high. So, over 4000…well, you get the idea. If comes from trees and flowers but in particular this year, pine trees, and the lack of rain, good weather, and breezy conditions make pollen almost a pollution.
“You know, you can get information on this green invasion for your family at who, by the way, has all of South Carolina, the entire state, in a high category this week while Southeast Georgia gets a medium-high.  Whatever way you measure it, the pollen will stick around for a few more weeks.”