Senate panel hears from public on gambling laws

Charleston Senator Glenn McConnell wants to make certain types of gambling legal in SC. He is sponsoring two bills: one targets the states’ anti-card laws, the other allows churches and charities to hold raffles. 

Monday night in North Charleston, a Senate panel asked citizens for their opinions.

About 60 people attended Monday night’s public hearing at the North Charleston City Hall to voice their opinions on changing South Carolina’s law on illegal raffling and gambling. In the crowd was a group of people known as The Lion’s Club, an international organization that collects glasses and hearing aids for people who cannot afford them. George Jenkins is with The Lion’s Club and he was at the meeting to plead for change. 

“Well, it’s important because the change in the law would allow us to have the raffles to be able to raise the money to be able to assist these organizations,” says Jenkins.

Goose Creek Senator Paul Campbell, is on the senate panel, and he is familiar with The Lion’s Club and supports their efforts.

“It gives them the ability to raise money for the sided issues that they have going, they work hand and glove with the Storm Eye Institute down at The Medical University and this gives them another opportunity to raise some money for that. So, if it’s done for the right cause and done for the right reason, let ‘em do it,” says Campbell. 

Monday night’s meeting did not finalize any measures, but it did give state senators a chance to hear from the public. Another Senate panel hearing will be in Greenville on Monday, March 30.