Private citizens speak out on some SC gambling laws

About 60 people attended a public hearing Monday night at the North Charleston City Hall to voice their opinions to a state Senate panel concerning State Senator Glenn McConnell’s bills that would change existing South Carolina’s laws that prohibit gambling.
Charleston resident, Jerry Newman is in support of Senator McConnell’s bill to change the state prohibition of some forms of gambling.
“Mostly what someone does in their own home is their business, as long as it’s not for profit, if it’s not a business, then what they do in their own home, that’s their choice,” says Newman.
Goose Creek Senator Paul Campbell agrees. He says the two bills proposed are not to legalize every type of gambling, such as casinos, in the state, but it’s just an effort to soften the current laws so someone can play a game of poker in their home. And that’s all Newman wants to do.
“It’s a social activity for me and nobody’s gonna make a living playing poker in South Carolina,” says Newman.
Newman will still have to wait to see if the law changes, another public hearing will be Monday, March 30th in Greenville.