The end is near for unclaimed '05 tax returns

More than 16,000 South Carolinians have not filed their 2005 tax returns and the IRS says for half of those who have not filed, there is more than $500 to be claimed by April 15.  South Carolina has approximately $13 million of unclaimed tax returns just from the year 2005 alone.
Mark Hanson with the Carolinas IRS Media Relations says every three years, the unclaimed money in the state is turned over to the IRS, so everyone needs to double check.  “Many times the reason taxpayers don’t file federal income tax returns is because they’re not required to by law they may not have made enough money to where they were required to file an income tax return,” said Hanson.  “The advice that we give is if you had a job during that year and had money withheld, you might be entitled to a refund, and you might also be entitled to the earned income tax credit.  So, it may be a good idea to go ahead and consider filing even if you’re not required to do so.”