Charleston in top 10 for remote workers, says Microsoft

As many South Carolina cities continue to find ways for their small and mid-size businesses to keep up with the down economy, Charleston is moving its way into remote working.  Microsoft conducted a nation-wide survey in mid-size cities for remote working, a new growing business trend that has companies allow their employees to work some of their time away from the office, either on the road, or just working from home. The study found Charleston as number eight on the list. According to Randy Stuckless, a Microsoft spokesperson, “It’s a town that has a lot of companies that, you know, care for their employees and they’re looking for ways to improve their working environment and have happier employees.”
He says Charleston businesses were very receptive to remote working and the study finds it’s mainly because of rising energy costs, environmental concerns and the recent economic crisis. While conducting the survey, Stuckless noticed a trend. “We are definitely seeing a big difference in the way companies embrace support for remote workers,” he said. “There are technologies that are becoming available to make it easier to work more effectively from remote locations.”
Of course, Microsoft creates communications platforms that they would love “telecommuters” to use, like a phone line that runs over a cable modem to the computer that gives web casting opportunities all from home, and the way it seems, Charleston is taking advantage of these opportunities.