Escapee fatally shot by police

An escapee was fatally shot by a Lincoln police officer after he threatened the officer and a tow truck driver with a knife.The incident occurred near 1st & Charleston near Oak Lake early Wednesday afternoon in Lincoln. Lincoln Police Chief Tom Casady told us on the scene that the escapee had been on work release and did not return to the Lincoln Correctional Facility. Police spotted him near 1st & Cornhusker around 1:45pm and engaged in a short vehicle pursuit.
The suspect was involved in a traffic accident at 1st & Charleston. Upon exiting the vehicle, the suspect turned towards officers and a tow truck driver and threatened them with a knife. He was subsequently shot by one of the officers.
Police have not released the name of the escapee. Casady says the 45 year old man was serving a 20-70 year sentence on assault, robbery and first degree arson at the Lincoln Correctional Facility. He had apparently told fellow inmates that he “was not going back to jail.”
The officer involved in the shooting will be placed on administrative leave pursuant to police policy and pending an internal investigation. State law will also require a Special Prosecutor and Grand Jury investigation.