Time change is Sunday — Stock up on coffee!

Coffee — it’s not just for breakfast anymore. A neurologist who studies sleep disorders says this weekend’s change to Daylight Saving Time will likely mean a boost in fender benders across Nebraska — and worse.

Dr. Eric Dyken recommends a strong cuppa’ Joe late in the afternoon if you’re getting sleepy sooner. Dr. Dyken says, “The initial period, whether it’s spring of fall, that one-week period following the change, there’s usually an increase in traffic-related fatalities, especially in pedestrians being hit by cars around 6 o’clock PM when people are getting back from work because they’re tired.”

Everyone reacts differently to the twice-a-year “Spring Forward, Fall Back” ritual. He says some people readjust to the change within 24 hours, while others need a full week. He says Nebraskans need to recognize the time change -can- have an impact on their bodies. “Be aware that you might be at risk for making a fatigue or sleep-related accident doing something difficult,” Dyken says. “Around 5 or 6 in the afternoon, be extra cautious, just common sense.”

He says he’s usually prone to recommend more holistic solutions, however, he says some Nebraskans might want to resort to more traditional alternatives to keep themselves alert over the next week. “There is something to a good caffienated beverage,” Dyken says. “A Red Bull has 80 miligrams of caffiene in it. A good strong cup of coffee, maybe 120 miligrams. It takes about 30 minutes for that caffiene to get into the system once you injest it.”

He says studies find the use of Daylight Saving Time helps conserve energy, save money and actually reduces the number of traffic fatalities by one-percent. Nebraskans need to shift their clocks forward one hour before heading to bed on Saturday night.