Lawmakers consider change in education formula

The state legislature’s Education Committee is hearing bills that would change the funding formula for the state’s K-through-12 schools, a move that’s making some administrators nervous.

Senator Bob Giese of South Sioux City is a member of that committee and says they can only spend the money they have. Geiese says, “The funding is not going to be there to fully fund education, state aid, at its current level, so we have been challenged as a committee to adjust a few of the numbers, such as growth factor, and tone those down a little bit.”

Giese says he wouldn’t call any of the proposals a cut in funding. While some say it’s a cut, Giese says they simply won’t be able to offer funds at the full level they were set up to require.

While the state will see some federal stimulus money, Giese says the committee didn’t write that in to any funding bills and they’re not banking on it. “Now if we get some, that changes everything, of course,” Giese says, adding, if that happens, the panel will simply readjust.

Thanks to Jerry Oster, WNAX, Yankton