A SC newspaper has seen brighter days

A South Carolina newspaper has announced its’ decision to eliminate positions and cut pay to keep up with the failing economy and struggling sales.
The Sun News of Myrtle Beach reports that they will cut 20 positions and remaining employees will see changes in hours and pay. As University of South Carolina Print Journalism Professor Doug Fisher explains, it’s not just The Sun News being hit.
“Well, newspapers, especially big city newspapers have been suffering. The recession has kind of been the extra nail in the coffin. Many of them have taken on much more debt than they can afford to in this economic situation and they’re paying the price for it, they’re having to cut back,” Fisher says.
Fisher says the Internet has changed the industry.
“The Internet basically cuts out the middle-man and basically effects any business that relied on monopoly and distribution to make its’ money,” says Fisher.
The Sun News layoffs begin May 4th.